Kripsol Koral pumpe

Kripsol Koral centrifugal pump with prefilter.

The KS model has changed its name to KSE.

Before ordering, check if it is a 230v or 400v motor that is on the pump.

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2 982,50 DKK
tax incl.

  • Koral pumpe KS50 0,37kW/230v
  • Koral pumpe KS75 0,55kW/230v
  • Koral pumpe KS100 0,75kW/230v
  • Koral pumpe KS150 1,5kW/230v
  • Koral pumpe KS200 1,5kW/230v
  • Koral pumpe KS50 0,37kW/400v
  • Koral pumpe KS75 0,55kW/400v
  • Koral pumpe KS100 1,5kW/400v
  • Koral pumpe KS150 1,1kW/400v
  • Koral pumpe KSE200 1,92kW/400v

Koral centrifugal pump with pre-filter.
Fiberglass reinforced hardened plastic.
The product is CE marked - 89/392, class F, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.
Water temperature. Max 60C.
Max water pressure 2.5 bar.
Max 9% saline.

The KSE model has the same structure as the old KS model.